‘Essence’ by Kate Dempsey

Essence   Do you get that smell? Sweet sour hops drift upwind, mists ripple the Liffey, ghost the quays, ruffle three buskers on O’Connell Street. Beshoff’s chip papers batter takeaway lattes.   There’s fresh oranges on Mary Street, fresh words, fresh sprayed on concrete walls. Port containers sigh out in a diesel cloud; sea-salty air [...]

‘That Broken Pot’ by Kate Dempsey

There is a new moon and the heavy clouds are calm, the wind has dropped, yet there is still a tap-tapping on your window.   Does it bother you? That shiver, as if something's breath has grazed, raised the hairs on your neck. Why do you rise and draw the curtains tight across the chink? [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet, Kate Dempsey

It’s What You Put Into It   For Grace   On the last day of term you brought home a present, placed it under the tree, a light, chest-shaped mystery wrapped in potato stamped paper intricate with angels and stars.   Christmas morning you watched as we opened it, cautious not to tear the covering. [...]