‘Effluence’ by Ruth Vanita

'After the ups and downs of the day Manufactured alone in this small room, Aching in more than one way, I press Seven buttons, and am at last in heaven. Who is to be praised like Graham Bell For the greatest, kindest imagining, For knowing that no song can please so well, So heal , [...]

2011 poetry news, and online information for poets.

Given that the Irish Times Books of the Year did not make mention of poetry books for 2011, I thought to add some links to Irish poetry  presses and imprints for those readers of poetry who are not catered for in the list-system. I have to say that I do not think of such ephemera [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet , Prageeta Sharma.

On Rebellion, by Prageeta Sharma. (for Katy Lederer) "It was not a romantic sentiment , nor self-determined; rather , it was embarrassing. My love of spearheading, from introvert to extrovert, from cowardice to consequence, from the enjambment to the unspecified dunce. It was a sabotage, a reckless moment : a purulent, tawny decree. All temptation [...]

“Purdah I” by Imtiaz Dharker.

Purdah Iby Imtiaz Dharker.One day they said she was old enough to learn some shame. She found it came quite naturally. Purdah is a kind of safety. The body finds a place to hide. The cloth fans out against the skin much like the earth that falls on coffins after they put dead men in. [...]

“The Lace World” by Monica Ferrell

The Lace World. (after a piece of sixteenth-century Breton lace) How eerie it all is, as if linked by synapses; a face stutters out of the cloud of lace, a tiny decorative lion dances in a frieze, a woman, needy arms outstretched, holds on to thread bulwarks against some unseen flood while her body dissolves [...]