Poems from ‘Of Dead Silences’ by Michael McAloran

Of The- Head of death The seasons dissipate as if they Had never collected tears A dissolving sky Soil sieved through fingers The silent laughter of the blood Nothing More- Ruins of the foreign sky From which point all are dead Smears of dying animals upon clear glass The flies will gather, nothing more Ignites- [...]

Poems by Rosemarie Rowley

ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR   I have not been keeping a ledger or account book Of double entries, for the cost and price Is not reckoned in the way you look Or what you said, in whatever form or guise I’ll never know your motives or intentions Whether you acted blindly or on [...]

‘A Kind of Rescue’ and ‘Yes’ by Afric McGlinchey

A Kind Of Rescue Can’t inhale any more of his boulder-sized words, droops, like a fox’s tail caught in a shower of rain. His rage has turned her upside down, bringing out the other one, who launches    like a whale leaping from the ocean, while she disappears into nothingness. Later, comes to, to find [...]

‘Redeeming Faith’ by Kelly Creighton

Redeeming Faith   My parapets were worthless assets I made, my sombre lookouts to watch for your leaving and ease darkness with dancing forms, outlined; no comfort for lost convictions.   My assurances were the altered me, to expand before you my existence and cut as you wished, joins that kept my heart, my soul [...]

“Looking for Mother” by Dorothy Molloy

“Looking for Mother” by Dorothy Molloy

  I ransack her room. Loot and pillage. I root in her trunk. Crack open the tightly sprung boxes of satin and plush. Pierce my breast with her butterfly brooch. I pose in her hats, French berets, mantillas of lace, the veil that falls over her face, the boa she wraps round her neck. I [...]