Review: All Stepped / Undone – by Michael McAloran.

the griefscape as no-place: All Stepped / Undone – by Michael McAloran. endless ribcage of the sky / the glut of blood beneath and a pulse of shit / dry your eyes / it’s just beginning ( p123 ,  all stepped / undone – ) is © Michael McAloran All Stepped /Undone- is Michael McAloran’s fifth full poetry collection, and […]

“Marriage Advice, 1951” and “Waiting” by Mary O’Donnell

Marriage Advice, 1951   Glossy women made her tremble, every word shiny and sure, we’re going to give Jenny a make-over, Jen, the decaying building, the clueless relic.   They made her sweat, even more, those women with Dior skirts and nipped-in waists, who warned the night before the wedding about being prepared.   But it was […]

‘Veracity and Other Stories’ poems by Sarah Clancy

The following two poems are by Sarah Clancy  from a forthcoming collection of prose and poetry, called Friction. Veracity and other stories   for Alice Kennelly   I’ve lived in four different decades today stepped onto three continents I took no visas no tickets no passports I wrote my own bill of passage I forged […]