‘An Mhurúch san Ospidéal’ by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill

  An Mhurúch san Ospidéal Dhúisigh sí agus ní raibh a heireaball éisc ann níos mó ach istigh sa leaba léi bhí an dá rud fada fuar seo. Ba dhóigh leat gur gaid mhara iad nó slaimicí feola. ‘Mar mhagadh atá siad ní foláir, Oíche na Coda Móire. Tá leath na foirne as a meabhair [...]

“The Willow’s Whisper”; a transatlantic compilation of poetry from Ireland and Native America.

The Willow’s Whisper:  A Transatlantic Compilation of Poetry  from Ireland and Native America Cambridge Scholars Publications 2011. Thank you to Julianne Ní Chonchobhair, who has facilitated this short post with information and articles on the poets. A note about the editors of  'The Willow's Whisper' Jill M.O’Mahony is a Lecturer in The Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. [...]

Affixing the Imprimatur, queer art and blasphemy in Cork.

Affixing the Imprimatur, queer art and blasphemy in Cork.

Wherein the definition of art and who gets the imprimatur?   I find myself at a loss regarding how the problem of blasphemy is being discussed in Cork. There has been no art-historical analysis of queer art, there has been little media reference to the issue of the 2006-2009 Defamation Bill, and discussion on one political site [...]

Silicon Republic; an article regarding Radical Copyright Law Reform in Ireland.

Silicon Republic article regarding 'Radical Copyright Law Reform'  in Ireland. This morning (09/05/2011) Silicon Republic reported on a radical overhaul  of Ireland's Copyright Law, this is interesting given that most discussions in this area have been limited in recent times to the three strikes and  you're out nexus of anti-innovation. I am adding here the current [...]