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Kate O’Shea is a crack poet

Eggs   His poems are words upon words like eggs smeared with henshit. They could be free range or organic – who knows? Too calculated to be risky. I buy 30 for 1.99 in Liberties Market and dodge small boys with girls’ earrings who have never heard of Jackson Pollock but make an impression on the bottom of Francis Street and day-trippers, a stone’s throw from the Bad Art Gallery which is pretty all right if you like Mia Funk and well-built women doing dirty things with bananas. That’s the problem with men who are too into blowjobs more words upon words like eggs smeared with henshit – stylised, idolised.   Eggs is © Kate O’Shea   Tadpole   Misery heaped on misery like an Irish Sunday dinner. It’s hard to swallow; lives like this happen to people that sprouted dreams like Mr Potato head. Once fat faces chipped away by keeping body and soul a hive of useless colony, the queen bee washed-out and martyred. Even back then with bamboo rod and fishing net, catching …

25th Ezra Pound International Conference

“The conference’s main host will be Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s oldest university institution, founded in 1592 and located in the city centre. Our second host and other conference site on Thursday, July 11, will be Mater Dei Institute, the college close to what was Leopold Bloom’s residence at 7 Eccles Street.   The 2013 EPIC will open at Trinity College Dublin on 10 July with a Welcoming Address by the Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney. Individual plenary talks by distinguished scholars throughout the week will be on such topics as Pound and Irish Poetry, Pound and other writers (Beckett, Coleridge, Joyce, and Yeats), The Cantos Project, New Translations of Pound’s poetry into German and Italian, the Drafts & Fragments Notebooks, and Doing Justice to Pound. There will also be four days of paper sessions and discussions on a wide range of topics related to Pound’s works, life, and influence.” 25th Ezra Pound International Conference Homepage Registration Schedule  

The Censorship of ‘Fragmens Sur Les Institutions Républicaines IV’ by Shane Cullen

It interests me when politicians, whether local or national, decide that they’d really like to censor the work of artists. This interest stems from my studies at UCD under Dr. Alistair Rowan, Dr Nancy Dunn-Czak, and of course Dr. Paula Murphy. The study of the History of Art includes numerous modules on censorship of art, including the censorship of art works here in Ireland from the foundation of the state onwards. Mostly I am interested in calls for censorship that derive from a political system that has existed in an unreformed state for many years, wherein politicians achieve power through local agitation, or as we refer to it here gombeen politics. Power in Ireland is sought after and attained when a (mostly) young male climbs from his youth group, to council, to government. A degree or equivalent isn’t really necessary to the hot housing of politicians, and therein lies the difficulty. Maybe I expect that local  politicians should have an awareness of the major policy issues of their party in government and if there is …

Catechism; a reading for Pussy Riot in Dublin

Poets across the UK and Ireland come together to mark the nine-month anniversary of Pussy Riot’s performance in a Moscow Cathedral by reading from Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, English PEN’s anthology for the group. This link gives the list of locations and readings in the U.K and Ireland. Ireland’s readings are organised by Christodoulos Makris & Barbara Smith. Participating poets are: Kimberly Campanello, Sophie Collins, Sue Cosgrave, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Christodoulos Makris, Máighréad Medbh, Paula Meehan, Alan Jude Moore, Christine Murray, The Poetry Divas, Sam Riviere. DUBLIN 21/11/2012 6.30pm, Wednesday 21 November The Grand Social 35 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin  Admission free Further Information at Irish PEN and at  English PEN

And Other Poems

This is a brief note about the And Other Poems blog which is owned and written by Josephine Corcoran. What a breath of fresh air the blog is, judging by contemporary availability of good poetry (and critique). To say that poetry is sorely neglected in the face of market-forces is a wild understatement, but more polemic anon. “And Other Poems is simply a quiet, uncluttered place to read poems by different writers posted by Josephine Corcoran. The blog’s aim is to give readership to poems which would not otherwise be available, for instance poems no longer elsewhere online, out of print poems, poems published in print but not online, and new, unpublished poems by established writers. Poets have given permission for their work to be featured and copyrights remain with the poets.” I had been seeing some of Josephine’s link on Twitter for a period of time, and as always was gladdened to see the advent of blogs and websites dedicated to the reader of poetry. Quite a few blogs and websites deal in modern and contemporary poetry in …