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Miriam Calleja

“Pomegranate heart” and other poems by Miriam Calleja

Four million years of eyes Heady honeysuckle sweat Skin ripe fruit Lips floating Scents Four millions years Of eyes (first published in Pomegranate Heart by Edebooks) Pomegranate heart She counts the seeds Of my pomegranate heart The same, always the same No matter how many times she counts. Her fingers are stained And though she may wash and scrub There I will be In her skin, lodged in places Where she cannot wash me out (first published in Pomegranate Heart by Edebooks) A new kind of courage You give me a new kind of courage you’ve seen me crawl out of my own skin frustrated beyond words shaking my fists and my beliefs at a world that just won’t understand because, who am I? and who are you? and what is it we are doing collectively that would matter at all? you’ve seen me rise out of the destruction of my own dreams bright-eyed brushing every bloody tear off my face in the way only long, hot showers and music can you’ve seen me run …