‘leave this death alone’ by Candi V. Auchterlonie

purple blue thistle   ghosts/ghosting mouths they're pulling purple blue thistle/our heads prickle their grey thumbs. the un-holdable bouquet/clamped with their veil of see through teeth blood is not blood it is a shadow veining the natural light that our eyes fail to adjust to and our glossy mouths fail to lipsynch the weeded purply [...]

‘feast of figs’ by Candi V. Auchterlonie

feast of figs   ravens are rare here I find when I fumble stumble across one should I be so lucky I fall onto my knees searching for the stars, Corvus! I think of the greeks and Babylonians the hydras tail, the raven and adad the story of apollo's raven and the feast of figs, the [...]