An Excerpt from “Delicate” at MarsPoetica (HiRISE), Single Poems

Delicate A sea snail, most precious egg, as if it had touched the ruby feather of a bluebird. A most precious thing, bird-egg-shattered, dust in my pores.   This excerpt from "Delicate" is © Christine-Elizabeth Murray. When we widen the lens, the bigger picture can be divorced from the reality that we think we may have [...]

Sequences — (After Francis Bacon) by Michael McAloran

Sequences -- (After Francis Bacon)   2...meat unto collapse/ stead lapse/ the lung’s abort in headless barrage the head is/ traces the/ meat’s sarcophagus is the light surrounding/ the forms that bind the subject-object/being in this from onset’s claim/ the stripping down of/ in gradual of irreversible/ meat does not climb it cannot/ it/ blind [...]

Bird poems from Poethead

Preamble to  The Valley by  Kerry Hardie ‘The first valley is the Valley of the Quest, the second the Valley of Love the third is the Valley of Understanding the fourth is the Valley of Independence and Detachment the fifth of Pure Unity the sixth is the Valley of Astonishment and the seventh is the Valley [...]

One of the Stances Perdue, by Alain Bosquet/Anatoly Bick.

Je remercie le jour parce qu'il est le jour. Je remercie le chrysantheme et la cerise. Je remercie le baiser long, le baiser court, et tout ce qui me vaut une terreur exquise. I thank the day because it is the day. I thank the cherry and chrysanthemum. I thank the kiss, whether it's long or [...]