A Saturday Woman Makar , Liz Lochead.

Poets need not be garlanded; the poet's head should be innocent of the leaves of the sweet bay tree, twisted. All honour goes to poetry. And poets need no laurels. Why be lauded for the love of trying to nail the disembodied image with that one plain word to make it palpable; for listening in [...]

A wonderful tale of restoration, Sue Hubbard’s “Eurydice”

The Salt Publishing blog has been involved in the Facebook campaign to restore Sue Hubbard's Eurydice to the London underground spoke this morning at their delight in the poem's restoration. The poem had been painted over to the sadness of travellers and poets. I will be adding a link in here which carries with it the history of [...]

“Chorus of the Rescued” by Nelly Sachs

We, the rescued, From whose hollow bones death had begun to whittle his flutes, And on whose sinews he had already stroked his bow— Our bodies continue to lament With their mutilated music.   We, the rescued, The nooses would for our necks still dangle Before us the blue air— Hourglasses still fill with our [...]