“Poem for the Female Unspoken” and “Daphne’s Riposte” by Emily Cullen

Poem for the Female Unspoken Perhaps you’ll excuse my lateness…I’m on my period. – MP Danielle Rowley to the House of Commons, July 2018 This poem goes out to generations who had to keep confidences about the curse, clots, bloodstains, cotton wool bulk between their legs, menstruating in harsh climates with minimal comforts. This poem [...]

“Poems from In Between Angels and Animals” by Emily Cullen

EMBODIMENT   1. Maternal   I lie on the bed in darkness, wary of sudden toddler jerks (your innocent, erratic strength). Instead, you lay your head upon my cheek and in that momentary tenderness, a universe of visceral wisdom. I am held by this intuition: love free of all condition.   2. Marital   We [...]