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‘A Hierarchy of Halls’ by C. Murray

This is not a universe, it is a garden. Trees,   a hierarchy of halls, halls, a universe to sing.   Follow wren’s sound into the lowest corridors.   There, a huge gap, fox made, is where blackbirds sing.   Stone-plateaued, daisy garlanded ground-held. Tree looms above it all.  ˜ Early summer occurs in a calamity of falling young   petals, birds, the bright souls of birds.   A small dead bird is at my feet, tree looms over this soul-ossuary   dignifying the small body with her dark needles,   bird-map-lost, obliterate–   A Hierarchy of Halls is ©  C. Murray (Smithereens Press, 2018) Thanks to Ken Keating of Smithereens Press for publishing A Hierarchy of Halls. Cover art by Salma Ahmad Caller. Streaming options for A Hierarchy of Halls at The Internet Archive

Making ‘Den of Sibyl Wren’ by Salma Ahmad Caller

  Notes on Salma Ahmad Caller’s process for the making of ‘Den of Sibyl Wren’.    The Den of Sibyl Wren is my response to A Hierarchy of Halls (Smithereens Press, 2018) by Christine Murray. It is my response to words Chris wrote about how she feels about this poem, and what she sees in her mind’s eye.    Details of the image ‘Den of Sibyl Wren’ by Salma Ahmad Caller  Materials: Watercolour, Indian ink, collage, graphite and gold pigment on Fabriano acid free paper 57cm x 76.3cm     My process involves an intense working back and forth with words and images in my imagination. I write a lot as part of my creative process as an artist, and these writings help me create and develop the visual image. The so-called ‘visual’ image is to me embodied, materialised, haptic and tactile. So the ‘image’ in poetry and metaphorical writing is almost the same as the visual image in art, to me. So there is not a huge gap between text and image. Not in …