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A Celebration of Irish Women Poets on Bloomsday 2012

Nuala Ní Chonchúir is a writer and poet, who has contributed poems and translations to the blog over sometime. I am linking here to her poetry collections page  La Pucelle   In the hush of my father’s house, before dusk rustles over the horizon, I take off the dress my mother made -it’s as ruby red as St Michael’s cloak- and with a stitch of linen, bind my breasts.   By the greasy light of a candle, I shear my hair to the style of a boy, in the looking glass I see my girlhood swallowed up in a tunic and pants, I lace them tightly to safeguard myself.   My soldiers call me ‘Pucelle’, maiden, they cleave the suit of armour to my body, and know when following my banner over ramparts into Orléans, that there will only ever be one like me.   When the pyre flames fly up my legs, I do not think of the Dauphin, or my trial as a heretical pretender, but see my mother, head bent low, sewing a red …

‘Strip-Tease’ by Eithne Strong.

Strip-Tease   A poet must talk in riddles if he will not risk himself   for fear of public eye and tongue blaspheming privacies :   a host of leeches sucking parallels carnivores to strip his shivering secrecies   wrapped intricately. he should be silent or speak out.   No one asked for his arbitrary offerings.   from Sarah in Passing , by Eithne Strong. Dolmen Books 1974.

‘No Earthly Estate’, the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh, Padraic Colum and Eithne Strong.

The title of this small post and book recommendation is somewhat misleading, the post is not wholly about Patrick Kavanagh‘s poetry. I have been reading No Earthly Estate in conjunction with poetry by Padraic Colum and Eithne Strong during this week. Having today published a poem by Eithne Strong, and indeed there a few of the Poet’s Circuits (Padraic Colum) on Poethead, I decided to link these posts at the end of  this short  piece about earthly estates, land, and language . Given the appalling situation that Irish Arts are in due to a combination of short-termism and  the inclusion of a blasphemy amendment into our legislation this year (2010) , I thought to add in the sometimes robust words of artists whose relation to words, landscape and the soil have accompanied me  this week in awful weather. I will draw attention to the new links and imprints on the Poethead front page, which are a celebration of the small independent presses, their poets and their  bloggers. These writers and presses have an honesty and expression that just about anchors …

“Up and Out” by Eithne Strong

Up and Out At this empyrean time when we have gained the moon in our nineteen seventies’ boots we smash barbarian heels on bowels and balls of internee; jag flesh on spikes of glass, fry babies, sear with liquid fire old men, depose the irretrievable brain; slit, mutilate, in cruelty far outlashing jungle territorial lusts. North or brown, black or west, there is no clear difference as to time nor place in our nice savageries — perhaps a finer point of torture here or there: electronics has its undeniable innovative advantages – but the vomit of prehistory reeks curiously identical with that of the twentieth century.  Up and Out by Eithne Strong , from Sarah in Passing . The Dolmen Press Poetry , 1974. The Dolmen Press  Eithne Strong  Women Poets Category on Poethead  A Saturday Woman Poet on Poethead