‘The Headless Bird’ by Ileana Mãlãncioiu

‘The Headless Bird’ by Ileana Mãlãncioiu

According to custom, the old people have shut me away not to scare me stupid when they killed the bird, and I am listening by the bolted door to the trampling and the struggle. I twist the lock time has worn thin to forget what I have heard, to get away from this struggle where [...]

‘The Eye Itself is a Lily’ by Ileana Mãlãncioiu.

Behold the lily repeating itself eternally Three lilies in one the divine bouquet, So many more bouquets a wedding and a deathbed All the weddings and funerals the same lily.   Out of the lily my love the bridal dance, Out of the lily the funeral procession, Like a dragon with a thousand heads the [...]

‘The Second Voyage ‘ by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin.

Odysseus rested on his oar, and saw The ruffled foreheads of the waves Crocodiling and mincing past; he rammed The oar between their jaws, and looked down In the simmering sea, where scribbles of weeds defined Uncertain depth, and the slim fishes progressed In fatal formation, and thought If there was a single Streak of [...]