“Poem for the Female Unspoken” and “Daphne’s Riposte” by Emily Cullen

Poem for the Female Unspoken Perhaps you’ll excuse my lateness…I’m on my period. – MP Danielle Rowley to the House of Commons, July 2018 This poem goes out to generations who had to keep confidences about the curse, clots, bloodstains, cotton wool bulk between their legs, menstruating in harsh climates with minimal comforts. This poem […]

“The Other Side of Things” and other poems by Robyn Rowland

I. The Other Side of Things. from the sequence Sky Gladiatorials Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown made the first non-stop aerial crossing of the Atlantic, Newfoundland to Ireland, 1919.Previous to that, they both flew for Britain in World War I. Alcock ‘was the first man to bomb Istanbul’; then, with plane trouble, […]

Fragmenting…defragmenting… by Breda Wall Ryan

(i) Woman, Fragmenting Out of reach of Bach’s Rescue Remedy, she free-falls through 2, 1, G to the basement. Wifemask says she’s fine, hides behind her Prozac smile, offers cake and tea, nods and nods. Wearing her disguise, she lies While chemicals scramble signals, sparks refuse synaptic gaps, the machine malfunctions, cables snap, she swallows […]