“Moss” and other poems by Niamh Twomey

Homing Salmon Under the gush of shower water your greying skin flails. In your mind you wade back to the brook, the water icy even in summer, your seven siblings balancing on the pebbled belly of the River Fergus, suds in your hair, brothers dunking you under, ice forming in your brain, penetrating your veins, [...]

Poems from “Venus in Pink Marble” by Gaynor Kane

  Window weather The Icelanders have a word that means just that.A murky day that you know is betterenjoyed from the comfort of a window seat;soft mizzle cleansing leaves shiny and bright. When webs become crystal dreamcatchers,or perfect drops form on the telephone linesand slide slowly down like the oilon the wire of the indoor [...]

‘The Writing Desk’ and other poems by Sinéad McClure

‘The Writing Desk’ and other poems by Sinéad McClure

Subsidence I'm of the age now That's how my GP put it as he half muttered something about female hormones leaving my body I imagined them packing their bags happily, looking forward to exploring better terrain, cooler plains. They don't leave quietly there is a deep boom sounding in me loud enough to raise heckles [...]

“Words Like Stars” and other poems by Roisin Ní Neachtain

Janus His Janus head looks both ways, Double-jointed at the neck. The honey juice of the persimmon Bursts from their mouths, Babbling tales in frothy tones. A river parts his muscles. The knot in his guts is split. Inimical flesh in the dour night, Unborn in blackness, You seek, four-eyed, for memories that the oil [...]

“Harbour’s Mouth” and other poems by Annette Skade

Threnody I know why the sea churns. A woman gets the news, drops to the chair, floor - further, the quick in her bleeds out. She is liquid now, leaching away, this hour, this day, day-on-day. At the back of her eyes a face ebbs and flows: his lop-sided smile makes room for her touch, [...]