“A Life Unanswered” and other poems by Susan Kelly

The Bittersweet Her passion was historical biscuit tins or so he’d tell visitors who marvelled at the growing stacks of embossed lids that glinting with landscapes, landmarks locations she hadn’t seen, he thought it best if the world came to her. He liked her to display these gifts he brought back from places he visited […]

“When The Queen Falls In love” and other poems by Ingrid Casey

Jazz in a Northern City   Amidst turmoil, paindragon carried me for nights, to see the Goth. She was in Macbeth with the artist, the room was filling with books, miniature figures, heated exchanges, we rolled downhill, to the galleries. I filled her ears with chocolate, she was beaming. Her black Halloween curls twined around […]

‘Still Life With Hedgehog’ and other poems by Gaynor Kane

Still life with hedgehog   The items have been arranged; carefully positioned, to vary height with texture and tone. Lit from the left. But what the artist hadn’t bargained for was that the sleeping urchin would unfurl; spine straightening, light-tipped quills oblique. To nimbly negotiate the spray of red roses, and feast on wedge of […]

‘When’ and other poems by Alice Kinsella

  Periwinkle (I) Your fingers unveiled the shell, like the unwrapping of a present. Little twirls on the bright jewel found amongst greys, greens, muddied sand. Words whistling through tooth gaps, excitement brought by being somewhere new. Finding me still at home, unchanged, ready to believe any adventure. Curled sunshine shell like the buttercup reflection […]