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Just One Book Campaign, Salt-Publishing appeal

Salt Publishing, that wonderful house of Poetry and Literature today lost out in the English Arts Council Funding rounds for 2011. The house has set up a Twitter campaign to ensure that it stays in the market called the #JustOneBook Campaign . The issue is of relevance to those amongst us who support the  literary house and publishers of quality poetry. I am linking here to the Salt Publishing blog, Twitter Account, and current book list for those who wish  support this campaign. Salt Publishing blog and Links.!/saltpublishing The New North – Contemporary Poetry from Northern Ireland Cathal Ó Searcaigh, Jean Bleakney, Chris Agee, Moyra Donaldson, Gary Allen, Andy White, Matt Kirkham, Geróid Mac Lochlainn, Frank Sewell, Paul Grattan, Sinéad Morrissey, Alan Gillis, Leontia Flynn and Nick Laird, as well as classic poems by Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, Ciaron Carson, Paul Muldoon, Medbh McGuckian and Michael Longley. Poetry Book Society PETITION  LINK :

A Saturday Woman Poet, Eavan Boland.

Whilst reading the Chris Agee edited Poetry (October – November 1995), I happened upon the truly beautiful Mother Ireland, penned by Eavan Boland. I am adding a Boston Globe interview (excerpted) and Eavan Boland link, entitled Exploring Poetry’s ‘Lesser Space‘ to the blog as this week’s Saturday Woman Poet , which is becoming a regular item on the blog. I have included the links to the Saturday Woman Poet archive and tag-set alongside other related links. The interview is companion to a post that I re-blogged this week , entitled Female Complexities, Dorothy Molloy and fits neatly into the theme of intimacy in writing, as opposed to the monumental writ upon a large-scale canvas poetry beloved of politicians and other uncreative people.  Sylvia Plath referred to this celebration of the small, the real and the domestic as a writing of the thinginess of things, the exploration of  poetic voice grounded in objects. It is most visible in the final poem of her Ariel sequence, Wintering. I have linked both of  these aforementioned posts on Plath and Molloy at the base of this post. …