Posterity and all that.

Recently, I wrote a post about how government bodies tend to view poetry. Indeed, I would say their view tends toward jaundiced misunderstanding rather than outright aggression, but I could be wrong. The image embedded in the piece was of a woman placing flowers  at Ted Hughes'  memorial stone in Poet's Corner at Westminster Abbey. Ted Hughes' stone [...]

Cutting the cloth to fit the wearer, recent press about women poets.

This post is a short form critique based on recent media coverage of those women poets who had not alone dared to hoist their poetic-petards, but to have achieved a popularity which is altogether more meaty than winsome domestic. Last week, I alluded in my Tweets and indeed in this blog to the issue of [...]

‘Evening Room’ by Anna Akhmatova

I speak in those words suddenly That rise once in the soul. So sharply comes The musty odour of an old sachet, A bee hums on a white chrysanthemum. And the room , where light strikes through slits, Cherishes love, for here it is still new. A bed, with a french inscription over it, Reading [...]

Dispossessions: News of the Fightback against Poetry Cuts in the ACE 2011.

This morning it is reported that nine poets  are disputing the Arts Council cuts in England. Poetry is an encounter, and always surprising, so I am adding in here the links and reports on what is (imo) a most utilitarian and pedestrian set of decisions regarding funding cuts across the water. Nine leading poets call for ACE rethink on PBS cut.   From [...]