‘There are less Wikipedia articles on women poets than pornographic actresses’ James Gleick

"There are less Wikipedia articles on women poets than pornographic actresses.” The above quotation is derived from Wikipedia's Women Problem written by James Gleick at the New York Review of Books made during this last week. It interests me as it is embedded in article about the sub-categorisation of American women novelists, an ongoing row [...]

Transverse threads; two women poets and Homer

The weft of  Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad is contained in and revealed through the chorus voiced by the twelve maids  hung by Telemachus (on Odysseus' orders) just after the men returned from their manly adventures. Margaret Atwood runs the chorus line throughout her Penelopiad, the executed maids sing their songs at ten intervals in the book. I was [...]

‘Veracity and Other Stories’ poems by Sarah Clancy

The following two poems are by Sarah Clancy  from a forthcoming collection of prose and poetry, called Friction. Veracity and other stories   for Alice Kennelly   I've lived in four different decades today stepped onto three continents I took no visas no tickets no passports I wrote my own bill of passage I forged [...]

The Cézannization of what wasn’t left, an excerpt from ‘Machinations’

untitled image , oil on canvas by © Michael McAloran 2003 histology slice 3 [ a tissue cloth so delicately coloured in mauves and purples indigo and ivory cells become tissue whereas this isn't at all the case all is one in febrile disequilibrium not excluding momentary states of euphoria and relative equilibrium the macabre beauty [...]

Recours Au Poème: Contemporary Poetry/ The Poetic World

Irish Poets and Reviewers call-out. Recours Au Poème is edited by Matthieu Baumier. Baumier is inviting contemporary Irish poets and poet-reviewers to consider submitting to the journal. There is a contact form link available in the base of this post for those who are interested in having their poems published in a modern multi-lingual contemporary [...]