‘Fugit Amor’ and other poems by Catherine Phil MacCarthy’

‘Fugit Amor’ and other poems by Catherine Phil MacCarthy’

The Chamber One ear to chimney-breast, on bended knee, better to hear trapped wing-beats, he prized ajar the black ornate cast hood. Then, slid his arm inside the flue. As though one gloved limb were deeply sunk in hind-quarters of a cow, to guide the head in utero. Though here, no calf in hairy smear [...]

Poems from ‘Of Dead Silences’ by Michael McAloran

Of The- Head of death The seasons dissipate as if they Had never collected tears A dissolving sky Soil sieved through fingers The silent laughter of the blood Nothing More- Ruins of the foreign sky From which point all are dead Smears of dying animals upon clear glass The flies will gather, nothing more Ignites- [...]

A note from Olivia Guest at Jonathan Clowes Ltd.

Doris Lessing died a matter of days after I had received permission to carry some of the poems from her Fourteen Poems on this site indefinitely. I had put up the following note and message and see no reason to remove it. I am happy that I have carried her work for a few years.  I wrote a [...]

Vinca Haiku by Virginie Colline

Vinca Haiku she grazes her scar old blood the color of rust on her maiden lace charcoal and red smudge nothing can make up the pain the dark trudge quickens tiny wallflower you cannot hold a candle you, periwinkle   The Spanish Girl Haiku she follows the clouds the breath of the summer wind gently [...]