Poems from 'Signature'   thistle roll   thistle roll twig sphere scatters a   thicket clump looks alive, it is red-tipped    a feather-blown bag-blown   bird-corpse let lie its throat opened out   purple the thistle -blown hue, purple the cry   tear   a field of ewes, their winter wool loose, blown [...]

Orphans from Poetry Ireland’s Forum

Some years ago poets and emergent writers used a forum on Poetry Ireland for discussion, testing poetry, and commenting on the work of others. The idea was good, although the tech wasn't so hot. After some discussion with the then Admin it was decided to have a place (not online) where poems could be published [...]

Kate O’Shea is a crack poet

Eggs   His poems are words upon words like eggs smeared with henshit. They could be free range or organic – who knows? Too calculated to be risky. I buy 30 for 1.99 in Liberties Market and dodge small boys with girls’ earrings who have never heard of Jackson Pollock but make an impression on [...]

Review: All Stepped / Undone – by Michael McAloran.

the griefscape as no-place: All Stepped / Undone - by Michael McAloran. endless ribcage of the sky / the glut of blood beneath and a pulse of shit / dry your eyes / it's just beginning ( p123 ,  all stepped / undone - ) is © Michael McAloran All Stepped /Undone- is Michael McAloran's fifth full poetry collection, and [...]

Bone Orchard Poetry, a blogzine for working poets and writers

Bone Orchard Poetry is variously active on discussion sites and uses social-media well. This is what writers refer to as bloody good innovative web-use. Editor Michael McAloran keeps the blogzine brief in description, ' An explorative blogzine of the Bleak/ the Surreal/ the Dark/ Absurd and the Experimental. ' There you have it encapsulated in a single [...]