“This Connection” and other poems by Shanta Acharya

BELSHAZZAR’S FEAST (After the painting by Rembrandt in the National Gallery, London) In the Dutch room amid Rembrandt’s paintings, I sit sharing my reflections with myself – my woollen jacket no comparison with Belshazzar’s mantle of ermine studded with jewels, his silk turban, white and resplendent, crowning his distracted gaze. The room acquires the aura [...]

‘Maudlin’ By Sylvia Plath.

Mud-Matressed under the sign of the hag In a clench of blood, the sleep-talking virgin Gibbets her curse, the moon's man, Faggot-bearing jack in his crackless egg; Hatched with a claret hogshead to swig He kings it, navel-knit to no groom, But at the price of a pin-stitched skin Fish-tailed girls purchase each white leg. [...]