Paulo Coelho’s books are now allegedly banned in Iran, January 2011

This post quite simply comprises an external link to the Coelho blog and indeed his Twitter Account. Today, Mr Coelho released the contents of an email onto his blog and linked it by URL to Twitter, so its mostly  common-knowledge and I will not comment here, save to say that the tag under which this [...]

“Letter from the Constellation of the Swan” Lilian Ursu.

Letter from the Constellation of the Swan   (For Cathy and Donald)   Once upon a time, maybe two weeks, maybe two centuries ago in Pennsylvania, a friend telephoned: 'All evening I heard a strange rustling, as if someone were trying out the word sadness in all the languages of the world. I raised my [...]

‘ haec fecit’ by Iosaf MacDiarmada

Haec Fecit I find myself with schoolkids answering dosser's queries be original I say and never query that dodgy dossier. The war brought Plagiarism without "inverted commas" A Limerick O back in the days of yore a scallywag feared what for with a baitin by night & an ungodly fright sure the RA kept the [...]

More Iranian Women Poets: Shahnaz A’Lami.

I have put two posts on the blog with poems by Farideh Hassazadeh (Mostavi) So today I was looking at other Iranian Women writers and found a beautiful looking poem by Shahnaz A'Lami. I say ' beautiful looking'  as I cannot read the Original Persian, but  I have seen an English translation . The subtitle of this site is [...]

“Comes Somebody” by Nelly Sachs.

“Comes Somebody” by Nelly Sachs.

Comes Somebody    Comes somebody from faraway with a language which perhaps locks the sounds with the neighing of the mare or the chirping of the little blackbird or even as a screeching saw that cuts up all that is near—   Comes somebody from faraway with the movements of a dog or perhaps a [...]