‘Fourteen days’ and other poems by Maeve O’Sullivan

‘Fourteen days’ and other poems by Maeve O’Sullivan

  Sri Lanka haiku after traveller's tummy -- a calming breakfast on the Laccadive Sea ˜ handbag-free no iPhone to count my steps -- beach walk ˜ Gangaramaya shrine... an old lady adds some jasmine to our flower tray ˜ accompanying us uphill to the sacred footprint -- frog tones ˜ the temple's lily pond [...]

“Summer Haiku” by Maeve O’Sullivan

  summer haiku     choppy Irish Sea failing to dislodge this red starfish         poppy bed: the unopened ones as lovely as the blooms         a garden full of sunflowers swaying tall      muddy summer frogpond    no splash             reject samsara [...]

Poems from ‘Vocal Chords’ by Maeve O’Sullivan

Sunday, Women Drying Their Hair   Bare-legged, in light, pale clothing, three young women stand on an urban rooftop; New York, probably, or some other big city. They are letting the wind dry their hair while white garments sway on a line behind them, and the chimney beside them casts a long shadow.   It [...]