There will always be singing; an appreciation of Doris Lessing

Fable When I look back I seem to remember singing. Yet it was always silent in that long warm room. Impenetrable, those walls , we thought, Dark with ancient shields. The light Shone on the head of a girl or young limbs Spread carelessly. And the low voices Rose in the silence and were lost [...]

“Introspections, the Poetry and Private World of Dorothea Herbert” by Frances Finnegan

The Rights Of Woman, Or Fashions for the Year 93 - being the Era of Women's literally wearing the Breeches.  - Health and Fraternity ! Whilst man is so busy asserting his Rights Shall Woman lie still without gaining new lights Our sex have been surely restrain'd enough By stiff prudish Dress and such old fahion'd [...]

‘Trees’ by Ágnes Nemes Nagy

Trees   Learn. The winter trees. Hoarfrosted crown to root. Immovable curtains.   And learn too of the zone where a crystal steams and trees merge into mists, as the body in recollection of it.   And behind the trees, the river mute wings of the wild duck the whiteblind blue night of hooded objects [...]

A poet-companion; Tess Gallagher translates Liliana Ursu.

There are two posts on this blog which link to short poems by Lilian Ursu.  The poems are from the Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation of The Sky Behind the Forest, by Liliana Ursu. The volume had two translators, Adam J Sorkin and Tess Gallagher. Interestingly, the volume does not initial the translators work beneath the text , so  it [...]