‘The Whetter of the Knife’ and other poems by Judith Mok

Beethoven in New York Fur Elise This night is on me like a blank sheet I have to write Of people playing my music that Fills the subway with my submerged sounds As if I am a whale vibrating through the thick of times Communicating that my name is: Beethoven A man of music in [...]

Behind the Forehead is the Realm of Dreams, but Your Forehead bears the Seal of Peace

Hamlet [By Mirjam Tuominen] You want to go behind the realm of the forehead. You want your inner realm. Behind the forehead is the realm of dreams. But your forehead bears the seal of peace. Where you lean your forehead in the moon's reversed sign O Prince of Denmark! in the moon's transforming radiance in [...]

A Margaret Rowe poem

"T'ither nicht A wuz in mae bed wunnerin what A cud write fur the Ullans, an then it cum tae mae. A cud write aboot mae ma's mixin' spoon. A wuz that axicted it was fower in the mornin' afore A went tae sleep efter thurnin ower in mae heid what A shud say and [...]