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Poethead was conceived and planned as a woman-friendly publishing platform welcoming work from women poets, their translators and their editors over a decade ago. I welcome work from women poets regardless of their age, ethnicity or publication experience. I am very interested in emergent work, translated poetry, experimental poetry and in new voices. The site is predicated on featuring the work of a poet weekly, their work is migrated onto searchable indices after that. Searchability, using indices, categories and tags enhances the visibility of women poets and provides a platform for your work.

Poets: Please send 4-5 poems in one of the following formats, Word document, Rich Text Format (.doc, .rtf) or you can paste your work into the body of your email. I do not accept .pdf files. Please include a short 10 line biography along with your author image.  Poethead is a very busy site and you may be waiting some time for publication, therefore I accept simultaneous submissions and previous publications. You must attribute both journal and editor if you wish to submit previously published work. Don’t send selfies for your author image, I will send them back and ask you to consider your presentation.

Email: c(dot)elizabethmurray(AT)gmail(dot)com for queries or you can use the contact form below this post.

Translators: If you wish to send me your original translated work, please ensure that you have the permission of the poet and the translatory rights to publish this work. All translated work is copyrighted to both translator and poet.

Reviews and correspondence: I do not accept books or manuscripts for review. I receive a lot of correspondence and generally if I cannot accommodate queries on issues regarding safe archive, contacting poets, book queries et al, I do try and direct queries to the proper authorities.

Please read here for information on Copyright.


cropped-artwork-a-hierarchy-of-halls-srgb-3590x5000px-1.jpgImage: from “Making Den of Sibyl Wren” by Salma Ahmad Caller


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