Alexander Cigale’s translation of Anna Akhmatova’s “Requiem”on Project Muse

  Alexander Cigale has retranslated Anna Akhmatova’s “Requiem” for Project Muse. I have been following the translation process for a while and I thought to add links here for readers of Akhmatova, including Cigale’s translations of Anna Akhmatova’s Minatures and a link to “Epilogue” from Requiem, Via Moving Poems EDIT: Alex Cigale has shared a […]

An Excerpt from “Delicate” at MarsPoetica (HiRISE), Single Poems

Delicate A sea snail, most precious egg, as if it had touched the ruby feather of a bluebird. A most precious thing, bird-egg-shattered, dust in my pores.   This excerpt from “Delicate” is © Christine-Elizabeth Murray. When we widen the lens, the bigger picture can be divorced from the reality that we think we may have […]