A New Ulster

A New Ulster Poetry and Literary Ezine What distinguishes A New Ulster as poetry journal is evident also in Bone Orchard Poetry and in other Ezines that are led by artists and writers who respond with alacrity to a need for publishing platforms for new and established writers. When I started this blog  five years [...]

The Burning Bush Revival Meeting is online

The Burning Bush 2 went online this very week, and there is a little poem in it by myself written in Barcelona. Even a  short holiday makes me miss the winds and lakes in Ireland! I am adding here the link to the Burning Bush landing page, along with a list of poets therein, and [...]

‘Secret Waters’ by Eva Gore-Booth.

Secret Waters BY EVA GORE-BOOTH Lo, in my soul there lies a hidden lake, High in the mountains, fed by rain and snow, The sudden thundering avalanche divine, And the bright waters’ everlasting flow, Far from the highways’ dusty glare and heat. Dearer it is and holier, for Christ’s sake, Than his own windy lake [...]

A letter to the Editor (20/08/2010)

I have little success getting my poor letters published in the Irish Times, so I have decided to publish it here in toto. It comprises a response to a throwaway comment regarding the responsibility of poets during this post Mythical-Celtic Tiger era. Re : 'From the Poetic to the Prosaic' 20/08/2010 Madam, This comment from the letter [...]