Poetry: Bilbao by Frances Holloway

Bilbao  Here we go merrily playing coffin games again the dead will out Have you seen the glass furnaces of Bilbao? How pretty in the sky at night those hypnotising spumes of purple green and blue but oh how putrid her river   How many times have we buried her now? and each times she [...]

Review: Dispersal by Frances Holloway

  Dispersal By Frances Holloway   The clouds roll up in dairy scoops the anvil and the tower blowflies die their tiny deaths and thirsty gums shed flowers the silence falls, no magpie calls and then it moves-     the whisper wind to rattling applause   Dispersal is © Frances Holloway      Pomonal Publishing, 2014Frances Holloway [...]

A note from Olivia Guest at Jonathan Clowes Ltd.

Doris Lessing died a matter of days after I had received permission to carry some of the poems from her Fourteen Poems on this site indefinitely. I had put up the following note and message and see no reason to remove it. I am happy that I have carried her work for a few years.  I wrote a [...]

Poems by Doris Lessing.

Fable When I look back I seem to remember singing. Yet it was always silent in that long warm room. Impenetrable, those walls, we thought, Dark with ancient shields.  The light Shone on the head of a girl or young limbs Spread carelessly. And the low voices Rose in the silence and were lost as [...]

the moth

 the moth, arts and literature magazineThe moth, arts and literature magazine is linked at the end of this short introductory. I picked up my copy at the newsagent at Easons in Heuston station. It proved a very popular read on holiday and I barely got my hands on it. I wondered whether I should just link a poem or [...]