Notes on the half-hidden: “Thimblerig” by Annette Skade

Thimblerig by Annette Skade Bradshaw Books 2013 63 pages Notes on the half-hidden Annette Skade’s debut collection Thimblerig was published by Bradshaw Books in 2013. Thimblerig is a collection of some 53 poems on themes of family, familial history, and on the poetic striving for voice. Skade’s sub-thematic flow, her buried themes, are brought out [...]

Crown Of Thorns by Bethany W Pope

Crown of Thorns by Bethany W. Pope Oneiros Books 2013 Crown Of Thorns by Bethany W. Pope is published under the Oneiros Books imprint. This is not an easy book to read. Ultimately it is a tale of triumph against war, where  war is child sexual abuse, rejection, and alienation. Throughout Crown Of Thorns there is [...]

The Co. Durham Miner’s Granddaughter’s Farewell to the Harlan County Miner’s Grandson

The Co. Durham Miner's Granddaughter's Farewell to the Harlan County Miner's Grandson by Kit Fryatt   Published 2013 Knives Forks and Spoons Press Pages 61New Words to the Tailor’s Air  Rome, you barely inveigh when governments settle traders’ gaming debts with money stolen from the sick and children. Instead you spew sermons on the evils [...]

Mike Begnal’s review of ‘Three red things’

With thanks to Michael Begnal for his astute reading of my 2013 chapbook, Three red things (Smithereens Press, 2013) The chapbook is readable here, Three red things From, Murray & McCardle, Smithereens chapbooks One section I particularly like is “reed songs I-IV,” set at Trá an Dóilín in the Connemara town of An Cheathrú Rua. Trá [...]