Previews from ‘In Havoc Lights’ by Michael McAloran

vii- …vertigo ice/ what said/ yes/ said/ it follows/ the clasp-knife breath that lingers/ in the rat deep of vermin obsolete/ of the night’s claim/ shadowed by meat/ in the presence of the none/ a blind man’s cane tracing the brail sheets of nothing left to be/ inherent dice of the unknown/ till failure/ terror of/ asking then [...]

‘There are less Wikipedia articles on women poets than pornographic actresses’ James Gleick

"There are less Wikipedia articles on women poets than pornographic actresses.” The above quotation is derived from Wikipedia's Women Problem written by James Gleick at the New York Review of Books made during this last week. It interests me as it is embedded in article about the sub-categorisation of American women novelists, an ongoing row [...]

‘Memorial’ and Guriel’s critical approach to Oswald.

Once, I wrote about how critics approach the poetry of women writers. This was related to the quite denigrating language of the Telegraph's Allan Massie, wherein a well-rounded spite is condensed into some throwaway aphorism which deigns to suffice as poetic-critique. "Conversely, Carol Ann Duffy’s work which speaks so clearly to many today may seem stale [...]

And Other Poems

This is a brief note about the And Other Poems blog which is owned and written by Josephine Corcoran. What a breath of fresh air the blog is, judging by contemporary availability of good poetry (and critique). To say that poetry is sorely neglected in the face of market-forces is a wild understatement, but more polemic anon. "And [...]

The difficulty with muses

It seems that muses, those shadowy goddesses who influence writers, are limited under current editorial and employment injunctions to give inspiration alone to great male poets. Or so Simon Gough would have us believe. Muses apparently perform some type of quasi-sexual inspirational function and it doesn't matter if they are girls or boys, once the poet [...]