‘Following the River Exe on a Wednesday Afternoon’ and other poems by Kate Garrett

Granny Woman The men leave us be; at times like this they take themselves out to the porch with pipes and tin cups. Everyone trusts the granny woman. She knows best, walks for miles when there’s a baby coming, brings her bag along. The bottles of green-smelling whiskey, fat leaves smooth and big as her […]

‘Eclogue’ and other poems by Tara Lynn Hawk

Eclogue   Recalcitransitory word bubbles Such a dovecote of lies And a blight of didactic, dissatisfied thought Moral originality fades, declines Providence us no longer timeless My infelicities discarded I retreat to my true philosophy Unlimited by my range of perception Back to particles elemental I will not join the minds left empty     […]

AND AGAMEMNON DEAD : An Anthology of Early Twenty First Century Irish Poetry

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And Agamemnon DeadAn Anthology of Early Twenty First Century Irish PoetryEdited by Peter O’Neill & Walter Ruhlmann Hi everyone, I’m really happy to announce that a brand new anthology of contemporary Irish poetry has been published today (St Patrick’s Day) in Paris and I am also delighted…