Poems by Christine Murray at Indelible (AUD)

Originally posted on Indelible:
Christine Murray lives in Dublin with her two children Tadhg and Anna. Her poetry has been widely published, both in print and online, in chapbooks, anthologies, and journals. She founded and edits Poethead; A Poetry Site that is dedicated to platforming work by women poets, their translators, and editors. She is…

“For Us, Fragile Things” and other poems by Aishling Heffernan

Your Silence. I have kept this brand of violence in my heart, A broken strange sort of shard, That is unrelentingly hard, That is as pale as western sunlight, Covered by western clouds. Painting your house, In strange colours For my eyes to digest – Quiet memories, Of your strangely coloured pain. It was silent, […]

“Morning Yearning” and other poems by Alanna D. Merriman

Morning Yearning The time it takes to know one’s ticks Is a short, round the clock to Twenty-four To love them takes only one With blindfold eyes in bedroom Morning, empty coffee cups Dusty shakes of mindless thoughts Importance comes too late When idle happiness warms Their train seat home Why does time excuse endless […]