“Child’s Celestial Chime” by Deirdre Gallagher

Child’s Celestial Chime Buttery chiffon taffeta folds of an early evening Hedge rustling sways to softening breeze Dalliant twitterings nestle into hummingbird tillage. Amidst the lazy din, a pristine crystal chime – Unfettered, it’s inflection pierced through the clouds. This ascension Reaching the supreme octave – Vibrations of purity rang out. Labours of Love Palms […]

“Thin Places” and other poems by Eithne Lannon

Thin Places The wild meadow weave, the strand, places of late summer, autumn, a stone skimming water, suspended in air, its slow motion glide punctuated by the drop, touch, rise of a ghostly presence, this wary hesitation between water and stone, mysterious as the rift between music notes in air, unsettling the familiar light which […]