A Celebration of Women’s Poetry for International Women’s Day 2013, poems for Malala Yousafzai

Poem for Malala To Malala Yousafzai. We see it all. All of it. The red-stain, the shame. We do not feel the skull-shatter-impact, the moveable plate - the tube, the tubes. The blood-bags. The bags of blood, the urine. Your eye, the eye-blood that occludes your vision. Red filters down, lowering them to the ground. [...]

The Censorship of ‘Fragmens Sur Les Institutions Républicaines IV’ by Shane Cullen

It interests me when politicians, whether local or national, decide that they'd really like to censor the work of artists. This interest stems from my studies at UCD under Dr. Alistair Rowan, Dr Nancy Dunn-Czak, and of course Dr. Paula Murphy. The study of the History of Art includes numerous modules on censorship of art, [...]

‘Pussy-Riot Forever : The Body’ by Philo Ikonya and Helmuth A. Niederle

Pussy-Riot Forever : The Body   I riot, You riot, We riot.   The body riots.   Arterial riot Breast riot Cheek riot Eye riot Finger riot Gall bladder riot Intestine riot Jaw riot Knee riot Liver riot Mouth riot Nose riot Prick riot Palate riot   Riot in Queues   Renal riot Stomach riot Testes [...]

Catechism; a reading for Pussy Riot in Dublin

Poets across the UK and Ireland come together to mark the nine-month anniversary of Pussy Riot’s performance in a Moscow Cathedral by reading from Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, English PEN’s anthology for the group. This link gives the list of locations and readings in the U.K and Ireland. Ireland's readings are organised by Christodoulos Makris & [...]

My submission to the Copyright Review Committee 2012.

'The Arts and the Public Domain; Arts Practice as Culturally Necessary.' The Arts and the Public Domain. Ireland requires not alone a statutory organisation, such as a copyright council, it requires also a non-governmental centre for social-media where artists and developers can discuss and decide manifestos which will protect their original works and others' rights to access those works [...]