Catechism; a reading for Pussy Riot in Dublin

Poets across the UK and Ireland come together to mark the nine-month anniversary of Pussy Riot’s performance in a Moscow Cathedral by reading from Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, English PEN’s anthology for the group. This link gives the list of locations and readings in the U.K and Ireland. Ireland's readings are organised by Christodoulos Makris & [...]

‘Sabine’ by C. Murray

Morning, and his rust-coloured shadow is cast onto the floor, beneath it the stone flags show their cracks and flaws, they are brown maroonish or black. That he may come in to wound her that he may come in to love her is the same thing. There are two pots There are bowls, there is [...]

And Other Poems

This is a brief note about the And Other Poems blog which is owned and written by Josephine Corcoran. What a breath of fresh air the blog is, judging by contemporary availability of good poetry (and critique). To say that poetry is sorely neglected in the face of market-forces is a wild understatement, but more polemic anon. "And [...]

Doris Lessing’s Poems

Olivia Guest of Jonathan Clowes Ltd. has informed me today that they are willing to extend my Doris Lessing licence and so I have returned the poems here. Thanks to Olivia and Jonathan Clowes for an extended opportunity to share Doris Lessing's work on Poethead.    I spent some time in 2011 looking for permission to [...]