Renewable Energy: Cora Sherlock’s Excellent Suggestion by Kevin Higgins

“Over 15,500 human remains incinerated to heat UK hospitals over 2-year-period.  #800babies #outrage @amnesty” Tweet by Cora Sherlock of the Pro-Life CampaignRenewable Energy: Cora Sherlock’s Excellent Suggestion    We must stop giving it away for nothing –our greatest natural resource – the Department of Finance estimates Tallaght Hospital could heat itself entirely on foetuses properly burnt [...]

‘World Put to Rights’ by Kelly Creighton

World Put to Rights The dream that burst riverbanks held you; blackstrap molasses, antidote for your poison. Your plummets spraying wetness like a coin in a cascade woke no-one, not even us. The church spire grew legs, scaled bricks, ran to your side, spotlighted. I put glass over that glow. Quiet-huff of your refuge, flailing [...]

“We Protect the Weak” by Kimberly Campanello

We Protect the Weak We protect the weak and call it love or ethics. For the safety of our students this door must remain closed at all times. Ani yalda tova. I am a good girl, I tell the Israeli jeweler who is impressed with my Hebrew. Someone nearby says, Fuck Israel. I offer, I [...]

‘Pussy-Riot Forever : The Body’ by Philo Ikonya and Helmuth A. Niederle

Pussy-Riot Forever : The Body   I riot, You riot, We riot.   The body riots.   Arterial riot Breast riot Cheek riot Eye riot Finger riot Gall bladder riot Intestine riot Jaw riot Knee riot Liver riot Mouth riot Nose riot Prick riot Palate riot   Riot in Queues   Renal riot Stomach riot Testes [...]