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Christine Murray is a poet and web developer. She developed Poethead; a poetry blog nine years ago. She graduated in Art History and English Literature at UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy. She qualified and has worked as a city and guilds conservation stone cutter with the Office of Public Works/Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland. Her restoration stone work is largely architectural, she worked in Counties Limerick and Kerry, and was based at Ross Castle at Loch Lein (Killarney, Co. Kerry) and in Ardfert Cathedral among other places. She is primarily a page poet but has written poetry for vocal performance. Her ‘Lament for Three Women’s Voices‘ was performed at The Béal Festival of New Music and Poetry  (Smock Alley Theatre, 2012).


Her chapbook Three Red Things was published by Smithereens Press (2013). A small collection of interrelated poems in series and sequence Cycles was published by Lapwing Press (2013). A book length poem The Blind was published by Oneiros Books (2013). Her second book length poem She published by Oneiros Books (2014). A chapbook Signature published by Bone Orchard Press (2014). And Agamemnon Dead; an alternative collection of Irish poetry. edited by Peter O’Neill and Walter Ruhlmann (2015). “A Modern Encounter with ‘Foebus abierat’: On Eavan Boland’s “Phoebus Was Gone, all Gone, His Journey Over”  in Eavan Boland: Inside History, published by Arlen House and edited by Nessa O’Mahony and Siobhán Campbell (2016). All The Worlds Between, Anthology, eds Srilata Krishnan and Fióna Bolger (Yoda Publishing, 2017), The Gladstone Readings, Anthology , Ed. Peter O’Neill (Famous Seamus Publishing, 2017)


Her poetry has been collected in  And Agamemnon Dead; an alternative collection of Irish poetry.  edited by Peter O’Neill and Walter Ruhlmann (2015). Tiny Moments; An Anthology  (2016) Edited by David Pring-Mill. Blackjack; A Contemporary Volume of Irish Poetry (2016) published by Singur Publishing, Romania. A Transitory House; a suite of poems (2016) first performed at Ó Bheal (Co. Cork, Ireland) and based on Freda Laughton’s Now I am a Tower of Darkness  published by Limerick Writer’s Centre  in 1916 – 2016: An Anthology of Reactions (Edited by John Liddy & Dominic Taylor)  All The Worlds Between, Anthology, eds Srilata Krishnan and Fióna Bolger (Yoda Publishing, 2017), The Gladstone Readings Anthology , Ed. Peter O’Neill (Famous Seamus Publishing, 2017)

Journal Publications

Her individual, series and small group poems have been published in The Southword Literary Journal, Crannóg Magazine, Skylight 47, Bone Orchard Poetry, The Burning Bush II, Poetry Bus Magazine, Post II (Mater Dei Institute) (Ireland). A New Ulster Magazine and The Honest Ulsterman (Northern Ireland). York Literary Review (U.K). Caper Literary Journal, Compose Journal and Ditch Poetry (US). Her translated work appears in Levure Littéraire Magazine (Germany & International), Recours au Poème Magazine (France), Şiirden Magazine (“Of Art”, Turkey), Revisita Itaka (Romania). American women’s magazines When Women Waken Journal and WomenArts Quarterly Journal (US) have published small series and single poems from her published collections.

Publications forthcoming in The Honest Ulsterman and The Penny Dreadful Magazine. (Autumn-Winter 2017)

Lagan Online

About Poethead

 An interview about the foundation and development of Poethead at  Lagan Online  

The Pan Review

On publishing women, cultural absence and how to change things at The Pan Review

Compose Journal

The Story Behind “bind” by Chris Murray  – Compose Journal –
Narcissus & Stalk The Open Ring  – Compose Journal –

 Irish poetry Reading Archive


My Book Links

Three Red Things  (Smithereens Press, 2013)
Cycles  (Lapwing Press, 2013)
The Blind  (Oneiros Books, 2013)
She  (Oneiros Books, 2014)
Signature  (Bone Orchard Press, 2014)
And Agamemnon Dead; An Anthology of Early 21st Century Irish Poetry (Peter O’Neill and Walter Ruhlmann)
Eavan Boland: Inside History (Arlen house, 2016)
The Gladstone Readings Anthology (Famous Seamus, 2017)


 And Agamemnon Dead; an alternative collection of Irish poetry. (2015) edited by Peter O’Neill and Walter Ruhlmann
Tiny Moments (David Pring-Mill, 2016)
Blackjack: A Contemporary Volume Of Irish Poetry  (Singur Publishing, 2016)
1916-2016: An Anthology Of Reactions  (Limerick Writer’s Centre, 2016)

Two anthologised poetry series published in Autumn 2017

A Selection From My Publications

small mirror‘ at The Honest Ulsterman
‘narcissus’ and ‘stalk the open ring’  at Compose Journal (Spring 2017)
A series from The Blind at Ditch Poetry
From Cycles at  Recours au Poème
Three Red Things at Smithereens Press
Glendalough;at Iseult Gonne’s Grave at Levure littéraire
Sans at The Southword Journal

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