‘a song to rest the tired dead’ and other poems by Raine Geoghegan, MA

Romanichals in the 1950’s (i) covels packed chavies scrubbed clean me rackley’s bal washed with panni the grai grizhomed holled (ii) opre and gel on dikk the next atchin tan a fellow chal pookers kushti bokt Romani words: Romanichals – English Romanies; Covels – belongings; Chavies – children; rackley’s – girls; Grai – horses; Grizhomed […]

“Alice and her Stilettoes” and other poems by Lorraine Carey

Alice and her Stilettoes We always walked faster past her little house on the brae. Every so often she’d scuttle out and snare us, clutching a plastic bag with the highest heels, scuffed and peeling, ready for the cobbler’s vice. Her elfin face powdered, her fuchsia mouth pursed, the stain snaked onto her snaggled teeth, […]

Poems written in isolation by Mary Agnes Cullen

The following sequence of poems was composed while in isolation, and are reflections on the pandemic and the enormous changes it has wrought in all our lives. Innocence Christmas was a focal point Creating the inevitable little excitements. Predictable excesses indulged in at the year’s end. It goaded us into domestic frenzy Relaxed our personal […]