The Google Book Settlement and the European Commission.

I refer in short to the Google Book Settlement as the GBS throughout this series of posts, the links for which I will include at the base of this short piece. Yesterday there was a meeting of the European Commission (07/09/09) re the GBS which yielded what Irish Media refer to as concessions to European authors and publishing […]

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GBS: The Google Book Settlement , Resources and Links.

I am publishing here the Poetry Ireland GBS (Google Book Settlement) pages, replete as they are with interesting factoids and links regarding how it effects authors. There is already a searchable quantity of links on Poethead regarding this issue which will be updated soon enough after the European Commission meets on the possible anti-trust elements on the 07/09/09. Poetry Ireland […]

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Ephemera VI: The Google Book Settlement (Links at the base of Piece)

The Google Library and Partnership projects: barely covered by the Irish Times. I attended the Google Book Settlement Seminar at the RCSI this morning to get an overview of the case to date: Which I must emphasise is not settled yet, thus making the dates/issues/cases and general agitation by Google whose advisors and lawyers have created what is […]

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation: ‘Digitial Books and Your Rights’.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have been lobbying and releasing for quite a period on the Google Book Settlement (GBS). I have carried their links on a number of sites regarding the oft-neglected issue of Consumer data privacy in relation to the GBS.Today, so, I am carrying a link to their latest information and to their site, […]

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Poetry and digitisation; how derivatives occur.

The meaning of collaborative work in Poetry and Literature. The author is entitled to ownership of their work. In poetic terms, derivatives do occur, mostly in music and in translations. As stated before on this blog, derivatives are seen as adding to the original works, once attribution is established. The fact that there are appalling […]

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