Dear Poet, a note

Dear Poet,

Thank you for your beautiful work, your emails, and your support over these past twelve years. In particular, I have found solace and wonder in your work throughout this very difficult year of 2020. As you know, this website will close permanently in early 2021. It was a great honour to work with you and to hear updates about new possibilities for your writing. The only lesson every poet must learn is to protect and nourish the root of their work. Persistence and practice are key to the art, and making time to work at poetry is imperative.

Those poets whose work has been accepted in 2020 will be published in the early part of 2021. Merry Christmas, and may we all look forward with huge hope to a happier and healthier New Year. The Poethead archive will remain entirely accessible and online.

C. Murray 13/12/2020