On Process in Murray’s “Three Red Things”

Tom D’Evelyn on ‘Three Red Things’

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There’s a lovely review of Christine Murray’s pamphlet “Three Red Things” (Smithereens Press 2013) avalable at:


In my frequent comments on Murray’s poems, some of which are archived here, my concern is to capture what is special about Murray’s poetry. Not “unique” — just special. She’s a “specialist” in poetics, as I read her. She works from a model I would call “text-as-world”: this model places the human in the mix of the world’s elements as interpreter, but does not privilege that position.

I don’t think it is enough to show how she moves from the objective world — and she is really wonderfully attentive to the details of that world — to “her subjective world.” That move is toward something yes, and yes, it moves through her “subject” but the point is it keeps moving.

She will say she likes…

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