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Christine Murray’s ‘Brightest Jewel’ at Poetry and Being

The Poem Between -- Essays by Tom D'Evelyn

This poem by Christine Murray is more than a text. I have been wanting to say something about it; today, having spent some time with Sinead Morrissey’s “Yard Poem” from the acclaimed Parallax (2013), I have a focus. “Yard Poem” is a very well-written, indeed sumptuous poem, a gorgeous outrageously conceived and executed text. “The Brightest Jewel” is something different. They are both poems but Murray’s poem somehow exists off the page. It creates its own spaces within spaces.

The note at the bottom of the text (which includes a second version of the poem which I won’t discuss at this time) refers to a place and an occasion: The National Botanic Gardens share the both River Tolka and a perimeter wall with Glasnevin Cemetery, wherein a plot known as ‘The Angels Plot’, a possible resting place for my infant brother, although there are no records.

Between the river and…

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