Sequence: ‘Now’s Dark’ at Bone Orchard Poetry

now’s dark is a clever
adjustment of the iris
to the notlight,
now’s dark is an anguish
of silhouette hidden in
tree’s whispering reed
now’s dark is a white
chair beneath a tree
moon-illumined and
somehow wrongly set

now’s dark is a heap of mottled
silver black
ashen in its not-ight, it could be a
pile of ash,
it’s the silver of silica dotted with
miniscule impurities, sunless.  

now’s dark the pearl,
mother-of-pearl interior
imagined in its streaks
of opalescent, it doesn’t
reflect anything on its surfaces
beneath the black skin of its
bone button, or chain, its
dullness is an indictment
of light’s absence, its cycles.
 Poems from ‘Now’s Dark’ by C. Murray be read at Bone Orchard Poetry and are © C. Murray

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