‘Cup’ and ‘New Trees’ by C. Murray


nest rests
her cup

(heart, feather)

into wood

In air (above)
sky is a heart caught
red, its amber spilling

nest stills
her dust
and moss

breathe out 

underground, wet roots stir
the sleeping house up

     the softening rain

my veins answer tree


Cup is © C. Murray


New Trees,

there are three –
two crows dance 
steel-beaking the mounds round

New Trees is © C. Murray

Image is © Mick McAloran
Image is © Mick McAloran

3 thoughts on “‘Cup’ and ‘New Trees’ by C. Murray

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  2. You can contact me at c(dot)elizabethmurray(at)gmail(dot)com if ya like.

  3. Reblogged this on Poethead, a poetry blog and commented:

    ‘New Trees’ and ‘Cup’ were written during the recent false-spring. Hoping for real spring 2014.

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