Opening by C. Murray


the three are shadows
silken spider-weavers
hidden close by a laurel tree
they cast out their silvers like fishing line with baited
hooks / food for worms
they cast out their silver threads they draw them back in
red and frayed / time weary
some say that they sit behind mirrors watching lives
pass through a room :
that they spindle their thread/ that they are blind /that
they are simply bent to the work that they were given
and never a stitch is dropped /
that is not picked up and brought clean again / for they
simply do their job
by touch by hand by long and patient experience with
the vagaries of man
    .and woman,

unleash the skein


red thread the open wound
and from it a thin red rivulet
will drain into a metal dish
and curl into water
no more now
it is just a stitch
wound gash is drawn to and threaded
dust of glass in the wound ground in
round the heel and spiral down to
blue glass pummelled beyond crystal
a useless moon dust
pounded to glass
the red thread lets
no light in

    .the shards are so small,

Shadows and Unleash The Skein are from a forthcoming book, The Blind. © C. Murray
Unleash The Skein was first published in Three Red Things, Smithereens Press, June 2013

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