‘Redeeming Faith’ by Kelly Creighton

Redeeming Faith

My parapets were worthless assets I made,
my sombre lookouts to watch for your leaving
and ease darkness with dancing forms, outlined;
no comfort for lost convictions.
My assurances were the altered me,
to expand before you my existence and cut
as you wished, joins that kept my heart, my soul
in their place. You could tweeze at your will
from my past and from my now to keep your
findings of my missteps silent from my
taciturn ears and sentry eyes. Unsound
you had seen from your stronghold where you called
me inland to your cathedra, to swab my eyes,
make me spun gold of your taste.
My faulty footings in your tower released me,
where I coasted in the wind to dive home;
past vanity’s attempts to regain the hopeful
sight of linked fingers. My hands held high,
clasped the love of lost promises embraced.
Count on change I will demonstrate.
Redeeming Faith is © Kelly Creighton, all rights reserved by the poet.

K. CKelly Creighton is a poet and writer with work currently and forthcoming in literary journals Ranfurly Review, A New Ulster, Electric Windmill Press, Inkspill Magazine, The Galway Review, Saudade Review, PEN Austria’s Time to Say: No! e-book, Recours au Poeme and other numerous other publications. She has recently finished editing her historical fiction novel Yielding Fruit. Kelly is working on her second poetry collection.