At the Crane Bar ; Crannóg #31

Crannóg magazine celebrated its 10th Birthday with readings last evening, (26/10/2012) in Galways The Crane Bar. I went along because I have a little poem in the issue. The 2012 Autumn Edition of Crannóg Magazine is available to buy at link, and there are free back issues in .pdf format for collectors of good poetry, writing, and stories. In a short time, the issue will be available in pdf and I will link it beneath this post. I believe that the thing was recorded as well, so there may be a Vid/Audio link too, soon.

My first poem published by Crannóg is linked in this back issue (pdf) , issue #26  and is entitled Descent from Croagh Patrick (P.54). The text of the poem is on this blog, but is currently password-protected, due to its publication in Crannóg. I keep forgetting to edit it !

The poem that I read for Crannóg’s Birthday issue is linked here !

List of contributors for the 31st issue of Crannóg:


Caroline England, Geraldine Mills, Cróna Gallagher, Mark Haughton, Simone Howells, Seán Kenny, Johanna Leahy,  Mari Maxwell, Ashlie Schweitzer , Many Taggart, Patricia Burke Brogan , Margaret Faherty, Ger Burke.


Mark O’Flynn, Alan McMonagle, Maria Bennett,  John Gosslee, Nicola Griffin, Mark Hart, Clare McCotter , John McKernan, Susan Adams, David Starkey, Ann Howells, Jeffrey Alfier, Bernie Ashe, Gerard Beirne, Peter Branson, Maurine Curran, Mairéad Donnellan, Thomas Alan Holmes , Éamon Mag Uidhir, Mark Mitchell, Christine Murray, Bradley R. Strahan, Boguisa Wardein, Ciarán Parkes, Sandra Bunting , Betsey Carreyette, Sean Donegan, Jarlath Fahy, Mary Dempsey,  Joan McBreen, Breid Sibley,  Mary O’ Rourke, Lars Gustafsson, Tony O’ Dwyer.

Thanks to  the Crannóg Editorial Board : Sandra Bunting, Gerardine Burke, Jarlath Fahy, and Tony O’Dwyer for ten years of innovative arts , poetry and fiction publication. It was nice to be invited back to read again on such a special evening for you all, and the Crane Bar is always good craic.


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  1. They have regular readings at The Crane, so you might make it to another one sometime. You can probably contact Tony if a visit (ever) coincides with a launch evening. It’s good fun. I wasn’t aware that it was being recorded until afterwards , when someone started checking the cameras. There were some speeches and music as well, so a good evening was had. I *heart* Galway visits.

    I will be reading the stories all the way home to Dublin.

  2. Maybe you are due one !

    Do pop into Charlie Byrne’s if you visit. Apart from the labyrinthe structure of the shop, which is very like the old Kenny’s Bookshop, there is a shelf of indy-journals, reviews, and publications where ye can stock up on the wealth of poetry and literature of working writers. Mostly they have art covers and are beautifully illustrated and bound. It was a pure joy to find them all and of course to bring ’em back to Dublin!

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